The 10 Most Hilarious Redneck Reality TV Shows (2024)

With the second season of Hillbilly Handfishin', a show devoted to men who capture catfish with their bare hands, and sometimes feet, premiering this Sunday on Animal Planet, we think it's time to acknowledge what we've been unwilling to admit: We are in the throes of a full-fledgedredneck reality TV epidemic.

Reality television once set its sights on the unattainable luxuries of the white-collar-wearing hoards. From the demanding teens on MTV'sMy Super Sweet 16 tothe unsettling success of Bravo's Real Housewives series, rich kids and well kept wives have ruled the small screen. Maybe all of the shopping sprees started to wear on middle-class viewers, whose annual spending at H&M was dwarfed by a single reality-show purchase on Rodeo Drive.

Enter the blue-collared, backwoods folks, who make an honest living using their hands alone, trudging through muck and mire, with a dialect so difficult to understand that some shows even include subtitles. Instead of ignoring America'sdown-home population, reality TV has embraced them, trading cities for swamps andbleached veneers for missing front teeth. It all kind of makes you feel superior, doesn't it?

We're not threatened by people we've deemed (often erroneously) hillbillies, backwoods, and redneck—we're entertained by them. And that's the point, right? Leave it to Hollywood to play with our desire to feel all high and mighty! Luckily, the byproduct in this shift means less entitled 1% types on our television sets and more "good ol' boys and girls" whose work ethic we can at least respect. No elitists here; these are The 10 Most Hilarious Redneck Reality TV Shows,y'all!

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10. Bayou Billionaires (CMT)

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The term "stupid rich" takes on new meaning with CMT's Bayou Millionaries, which finds a humble Louisiana family in the fortunate position of living on the fourth largest gas deposit in the United States, sitting on an almost literal gold mine.

New money in the truest sense, the Dowdens of Shreveport are nothing like any family that you've seen on Bravo's Real Housewives. In fact, they're closer to the iconic redneck family from The Beverly Hillbillies, camped out in their original home despite earning a monthly five-figure paycheck for simply allowing the gas to be pumped out from underneath them.

Watching the Dowdens acclimate to their newfound wealth is quite entertaining, particularly because their financial common sense seems severely lacking. In one episode, the family advertises their yard sale on television, and, afterwards, sheepishly admits the cost of the ad easily outweighed their profit. On another, we see them uneasily attempting to fit in at a country club, trying their hand at tennis and golf for the first time, to no success.

As the saying goes, "Money can't by class," or, apparently, common sense.

9. Moonshiners (Discovery Channel)

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Aside from maybe Keystone Light, no other alcoholic beverage has as strong a redneck connotation as moonshine, the clear liquid that is said to make a drinker hallucinate, much like Absinthe was once rumored to.

Discovery Channel's Moonshiners sheds light on the illegal practice of producing the180-proof alcohol through pursuingTim Smith and his sidekick, "Tickle," as they evade theauthoritiesin Virginia while concocting their strong drink, which they refer to as "'Shine."

Frequent flashbacks to famed 'Shine brewer Popcorn Sutton, whose interludes are rife with redneck lingo, rendering the process of making the illicit beverage as humorous as it is enlightening.

6. Hillbilly Handfishin' (Animal Planet)

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You Yankees can keep your fishing poles, 'cause Skipper Bivins has a far more efficient way to capture fish: with his hands and feet.

Animal Planet's highly entertaining Hillbilly Handfishin'follows Skipper and his partner, Jackson, as they school out-of-towners on their techniques (which are also referred to as "noodling") and trudge through shoulder-deep murky waters in search of catfish.The stuffy city folkwho join Skipper on expeditions into Oklahoma's waters only make the backwoods men brazenly plunging their entire arms into the slush seem evenbrutish.

The contrast makes for an amusing caricature, and proves that even the most cultured urbanitecan learn a thing or two from the talents of an intrepid redneck.

5. Rocket City Rednecks (National Geographic)

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While CMT and TLC focusing on mocking the likes of backwoods antics, the National Geographic Channel chooses to bypass the punch lines in favor of highlighting"hillbilly ingenuity."

The unlikely group of folks they've rounded up for Rocket City Rednecks include several men who hold Ph.D.'s, actual rocket scientists, a certified genius, and a NASA machinist. Each guy is as brilliant as he is unflinchingly Southern, makingthis one a science reality show like no other in its class.

Performing experiments in Alabama's backyard, the men mix science and redneck sensibilities to entertaining effect, using discarded beer cans to bomb-proof a truck, launching moonshine-fueled rockets and cracking jokes about how much they enjoyconsuming each all the while.

3. Swamp People (History Channel)

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You have to hand it to the History Channel, they know a ratings monster when they see one. And, really, there's nothing about a gang of Cajuns chasing gators in Lousiana's swamps that doesn't sound like it would command attention, even if only by way ofridicule.

The insta-hit Swamp People takes the danger of the Deadliest Catchand inserts salt-of-the-earth people into a far less exotic locale. The risky task they undertake seems thankless, but the men hunt down their thrashing prey with gleeful flourish, uttering catch phrases like "choot 'em" that leave haughty viewers to ruthlessly poke fun at Southern speech patterns.

It's like a redneck safari where your tour guides are unapologetic,uncouth, and really damn good at what they do.

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC)

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Remember that Mountain Dew and Red Bull guzzling, truffle-shufflin' toddler who struck fear into your heartcaptured your heart onToddlers & Tiaras? After her surprising summit to Internet fame, TLC has, unsurprisingly, given six-year-oldAlana Thompson her own reality show.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boowill begin airing on August 8th, at which point we will bet it will instantly pull rank as the most redneck show on television. Aside from Alana's prematurelytrashy antics (seriously, what child says "A dolla make me holla?"), her family is a corralsevery known Southern stereotype, and as witnessed in the trailer, is aware of just how redneck they appear.

Despite "having all [their] teeth," Alana's family is a comical incarnation of the backwoods clans seen in most horror movies, using extreme couping, mud-diving, four-wheeling, and armpit-farting as new ways to incite terror and laughter in equal measure.

1. My Big Redneck Wedding (CMT)

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Weddings are ordinarily classy affairswhere white table cloths, pomp, and circ*mstancetake center stage. But a redneck wedding is an entirely different scenario.

Since 2008, CMT has been following couples to be as they take that momentous strut down the aisle; or, in the case ofMy Big Redneck Wedding, through the muddy country fields. Each episode follows a new couple, with Tom Arnold hosting the"down home"(CMT's euphemism for really freaking redneck) nuptials.

Instead of enjoying a first toast with expensive bubbly, couples enjoy tandem beer funneling. Gone are the white gowns; women opt to wear coordinating camouflage dresses (you know, to match their man). Flowers are substituted with shotguns, and boutonnieres swapped out for guns and cans of beer. One couple even leaves the ceremony on their quads, a powerful ending to a peculiar ordeal that will (obligatory wedding pun) have you rolling in the mud-caked wedding aisle.

The 10 Most Hilarious Redneck Reality TV Shows (2024)


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