Curved Blade of Winds (2024)

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The Curved Blade of Winds is a Legendary Galebreathe Weapon that takes the form of a sword. It is a rare drop from the chests in The Depths, from the Scion of Ethiron, Duke Erisia, Maestro Evengarde Rest, The diluvian mechanism and certain sea events. It scales with Medium Weapon and Galebreathe.

This weapon comes with two passive abilities:

  • Gale After Cut - M1 attacks now apply After Cut, dealing 5% of the initial damage of the attack.
    • Inhaling a mantra will temporarily buff this up to the standard 10% that normal After Cut would give.
  • Gale Affinity - Your critical attack now applies Suffocate. If the user has Haunted Path: Specter, critical attacks will fill up the Specter gauge and summon Apparitions.

When using the weapon one-handed it becomes two swords, changing its swing speed, criticals and animations.


One Handed Critical (2 Blades)[]

The user propels in a whirlwind of air, gravitating towards their cursor. Applies Suffocate if collided with.

Two Handed Critical (1 Blade)[]

The user shoots a blast of air and on collision or after a short amount of time it will proceed to explode.


Concept art

The Curved Blade of Winds when the user has Haunted Path: Specter


  • With the minimum stat requirement to equip the weapon, the weapon will deal 24.1 damage.
    • Around 25.3 damage with the 5% innate After Cut effect, and around 26.5 with the 10% After Cut effect from the talent.
  • With 100 MED and 100 WND, it will deals 30.6 damage
    • Around 32.2 damage with the 5% innate After Cut effect, and around 33.7 with the 10% After Cut effect from the talent.
  • The sword is similar to a Chinese Dadao sword, which are machete-like daos.
    • Additionally, the Warden Ceremonial Sword is fashioned after one.
    • Additionally, the original model of the Curved Blade of Wind used to closely ressemble the Windshear from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • The original updated Curved Blade of Winds contained 120k vertices. Following the 3/27/2023 update, this was reduced to a mere 7k vertices.
  • It is one of seven weapons to have multiple critical attacks, the others being Railblade, Shattered Katana, Imperial Staff, Light's Final Toll, Ysley's Pyre Keeper and Wyrmtooth
  • Curved has runes on its blade, barely noticeable. The runes near the grip translate to "FUEOSOFEI", which has a meaning,[citation needed] but is currently unknown, and the other runes near the tip are a mix of different ancient runic dialects that don't translate to anything.
  • Using The Curved Blade of Winds completely disables your shield's Posture buff. However, if you have the Turtle Shell Talent and are two handing the weapon, you can still negate Spine Cutter, as the shield appears on your back.
  • Commonly abbreviated as "CBoW" or just "Curved"



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Cyan: Alloy, Green: Enemy Drop, Purple: Legendary Weapon, Orange: Event Weapon

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Curved Blade of Winds (2024)
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