Best Seafood In Vancouver (2024)

1. The 5 best seafood spots in Vancouver | The 500 Hidden Secrets

  • The 5 best seafood spots in Vancouver · 1) Hook Seabar · 2) Blue Water Cafe · More hidden secrets in Vancouver? · 3) Fanny Bay Oyster Bar and Shellfish Market.

  • Vancouver locals can agree with this list of 5 great seafood restaurants. A well-curated list by Shannon McLachlan.

2. 11 Best Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver in 2024 - Cozymeal

  • 11 jun 2024 · 11 Best Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver · 1. Blue Water Café · 2. The Fish Counter · 3. The Flying Pig · 4. Fanny Bay Oyster Bar and Shellfish ...

  • Check out these 11 popular seafood restaurants that Vancouver foodies are flocking to, from upscale eateries to counter spots that locals love.

3. Restaurant Awards 2024: Best Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver

4. Vancouver's Best Seafood Restaurants To Try This Year

  • 6 mei 2022 · Blue Water Cafe. Yaletown's Blue Water Cafe is a popular spot for seafood lovers. Known for their seafood towers and raw bar, it's the perfect ...

  • Learn more about Vancouver's Best Seafood Restaurants to Try This Year from the experts at Food Network Canada

5. 2024 Best Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver Area - GAYOT

  • Best Fresh Fish & Shellfish in Vancouver · 1/. Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar · 1095 Hamilton St. Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4 · 2/. Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar · 845 ...

  • Find the best seafoods in Vancouver restaurants and bars with GAYOT's's top 10 list.

6. Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver

  • Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver · Blue Water Cafe · Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar · The Sandbar · The Vancouver Fish Company Restaurant & Bar · WildTale.

  • Due to its fortuitous proximity to the vast and plentiful Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is a prime spot to dine in some of the best seafood restaurants around!

7. From Ocean to Plate: Top 6 Seafood Restaurants in Vancouver

  • 11 mrt 2023 · Ancora Waterfront Dining · Blue Water Cafe · Fanny Bay Oyster Bar · Oddfish · Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House · The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant · Share ...

  • Discover the best seafood in Vancouver with our comprehensive guide. We've handpicked the top spots for you to indulge in Vancouver's finest seafood.

8. Seafood in Vancouver - Landsea Tours & Adventures

  • If you want to meet a local then Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe is the place to go. A popular restaurant on the famous Granville Island that offers a huge ...

  • Credit: Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio

Best Seafood In Vancouver (2024)
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